Asphalt Crack Repair – It’s all about pavement maintenance planning!


Pavement Maintenance Provides Property Manager’s with Top ROI Opportunity!

Commercial property ownership and management is all about return on investment, no matter what maintenance or new investment decisions you consider each quarter. Managing cash flow efficiently is a science, and often an intuitive art. Coordinating maintenance cycles, along with seasonal weather conditions requires sufficient research and accurate information, if we are to get things done right the first time. Pavement maintenance planning is about balancing preventative care and repair alongside the aesthetic benefits – where curb appeal leads to higher valuations, and property revenues. With all the options out there, asphalt crack repair is one of the most efficient and low-cost options to balance that exterior appeal with cost-saving maintenance.

Don’t Wait Until it’s Too Late. Be Proactive!

The GTA presents an extreme fluctuation in temperature throughout the year, providing property managers with difficult conditions for maintaining asphalt parking lots and private roadways. Repairing damaged asphalt is not only cost effective, it's also only a minor disruption to your tenants, customers or users of these private spaces. Left unchecked, the combination of moisture seepage and seasonal expansion and contraction of pavement will broaden, deepen and extend the damage until you're stuck needing a costly asphalt reconstruction- which ends up being a large sum of money, a larger project and a larger inconvenience for customers. Act ahead and avoid the trouble!


When Should I Consider Pavement Repair Options?

Start early! With proper maintenance at the correct time, linear cracking is containable and manageable. If left unchecked, the cracks become connected – and evolve into Block Cracking - which cumulatively will lead to pavement fatigue failure. If caught early, block cracking can be repaired before it worsens and become what is called Alligator Cracking. At this point, the extensive network of cracking has deepened below the surface, and can be visually recognized by sinking and undulation.


What is Most Effective - Cold Pour or Hot Pour Asphalt Sealing?

While it is an economical option, cold pour sealing is most commonly used in smaller residential projects. It’s slower to cure and used mainly with small (less than 3/16th of an inch) cracks.


Hot pour sealing sets quickly and is extensively used in commercial applications. It is favoured for its ability to fill deeper into crack, its superior adhesive ability, and its more flexible nature maintains a consistent seal over the expansion and contraction with each seasonal temperature shift.


What is the Difference Between Asphalt Sealing and Filling? 

‘Filling’ is a topical method which applies sealant to a pavement crack and its local surrounding surface. The problem is that the majority of the crack remains unfilled, below the surface – making it highly susceptible to moisture. And with changing seasonal temperatures, expansion and contraction lead to the fill repair being dislodged. Since the repair is mostly surface, the repair is also susceptible to being dislodged by snow plows during the winter months.


Proper Asphalt ‘Sealing’ is a thorough 4-step process:

  1. The crack is opened with a high torque carbon-tip router (for better sealant access)
  2. The routed crack is thoroughly cleaned of debris with a high pressure air
  3. The newly routed reservoir cracks are inspected for access and uniform smooth surface
  4. Cracks are sealed with material to fill the routed reservoir, provide a smooth surface bond, and durable seams.

Finding the Right Contractor. 

When it comes to pavement maintenance, not just any contractor will do. Find a contractor who knows the best methods of crack repair– rout and seal crack sealing. Ensure they have quality equipment and back their work with industry leading warranty. Their prices may be higher than other contractors, but their work and the protection it provides to your parking lot will be worth it. Contact Sure-Seal Pavement Maintenance Inc today for a free quote and consultation.

Find a high quality pavement solution provider and you’ll appreciate the ROI of pavement maintenance! 

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